From David Solberg, former student:

Andrea is remarkably skilled at presenting thorough legal topics and their implications in a way that is digestible and inspiring. Breaking down intricate policies is only the beginning of her process of developing successful environmental advocates. By exploring the implication of law in contemporary contexts, Andrea empowers her students to ask tough, informed questions and discover effective pathways to environmental justice. Her campus-wide reputation of effortlessly inspiring her students to understand, care and act makes her a contagious agent for environmental advocacy.

From Nick Stubler, former student:

Andrea was perhaps the most influential professor I had the opportunity to engage with at the University of Denver, and was largely responsible for putting me on the path towards political advocacy. She taught Environmental Law (among other things) at DU, and has a real gift and passion for inspiring others to engage with environmental justice work. In doing so, she helped to open my eyes to the power I have to affect positive change and inspired me to transform my personal sentiments into action.