Environmental Advocacy Empowered by Law

Onward! Environmental Advocates (O!EA) empowers activists, organizations, and local governments with the tools and knowledge they need to use environmental and natural resource laws most effectively.
O!EA is the brainchild of attorney Andrea Gelfuso, who has practiced environmental and natural resources law for over 20 years, and has taught at the undergraduate, Masters, and Masters of Jurisprudence levels for 17 years.
O!EA delivers in-depth, interactive, and entertaining training presentations on 25 US environmental laws (Know the Law) and powerful legal tools (Advocacy Toolkit)—customized to meet your needs.
To bring about meaningful change that protects the environment and communities, organizations and activists must know what these laws mean, who enforces them, and how to influence environmental regulators. Now is the time for action—empowered by a full understanding of the law.